Heads Up! A new challenge begins for Annaleise Carr, and you can be involved too.

Annaleise and Josh Reid are partnering up with RE7 Drink Company to bring open water swimming to the Norfolk County community and beyond, by creating a swimming challenge through Lake Erie. This event will continue to raise funds for Camp Trillium Rainbow Lake – and best of all, you can sign up and participate in the event too.

Learn more about the RE7 North Shore Challenge for Camp Trillium!

Amazed! Inspired! Grateful!

That’s how your generousity makes me feel.

My family and I have been overwhelmed by the support we have received. In fact I am not sure where to start there have been so many people, organizations and businesses who have who have supported and believed in me, a little girl from the country with some crazy big dreams. Thank you for believing in me and my dreams and letting me spread my wings and try!

Thank you to my crew ( and their families) ,you are my second family. You guys came to training sessions and were available whenever needed. Thanks for spending your summer with me and sharing in this adventure.

Thank you to my sponsors, ambassadors and the Port Dover businesses who let us use their space not once but twice this summer as Duane held his guitar-a-thon and beach party. I really wish I could have been a part of that also!

To the people of Norfolk County, thank you for believing in and supporting your youth. I am so blessed to live here with all of you amazing people. Seeing everyone in Port Dover when I finished the swim was incredible.

- Annaleise Carr