I’m going to apologize first off for not blogging as much this swim!  I found that I was about a 100 times busier this time!  School, events, speaking, training, work, they all made it tougher to find the time to do things like this!

I want to make sure I thank all of those involved with this swim from crew, to volunteers, to sponsors, to everyone who has donated and supported!!  I’d love to mention everyone by name, but as I’ve learned, someone would get missed and I don’t want that. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, and that goes double for my family!

I can’t believe it is finally here!  Actually, finally doesn’t seem like the right word, because it came so fast!  I’m sorry if me having to start early ruins any plans! With the time I need to do this swim, I need that big of a window before the storms come on Saturday!  I’m ready!! I want to go now actually!!  But I better try and get some sleep!  I talked to a couple of TV stations here when I arrived, so it’s nice that they care about what is happening for Camp Trillium!!  This team I have over here is incredible!!  A special shout out to everyone in my home county of Norfolk!!  I can’t wait to swim home tomorrow!!  To those who have embraced the Ripple Effect like Duane, Josh Buchhold, the kids at the Waterford Museum, and so many more thanks so much!!  I know I won’t be able to sleep tonight, but I’m signing off anyhow and trying :) !  My parents will update my blog like 2 years ago when I swam Lake Ontario, so you should have some information as I swim!!  Thanks so much for sticking with my and I’ll see you on the beach in Dover :) !!  Good night everyone!