Training has been amazing, though tonight we went to Long Point Provincial Park to train and the waves were like ocean waves they were so big!! I heard that someone almost drowned today at Long Point and I see why!  If next Friday is anything like that we may have to wait it out.  So, we packed up and went to Turkey Point and it was almost flat there. I’ve been training between 2-3 hours each night in various conditions and temperatures.  Distances of 5-9kms and I’ve been feeling great!  I can’t wait to get this swim going!!

I have to thank everyone for all they have been doing!  I won’t name names because they are just endless!  This has been so humbling! I went to Norfolk County Council this morning and thanked them and the people of Norfolk for all they have done! But there are so many more too!!  None of this happens without every person that helps or gives!  So THANK YOU!!!

I’m going to make this short tonight, but not before I mention Josh Buchwald!  As I set out to do, I wanted to create social change so that people just did things for others, just to help, not for self exposure or awards, but just to be good people! That is the idea of my “One Drop, Many Ripple” theme surrounding my swim!  So, I get an email from Josh about a month ago asking if he could use my picture and name in order to clean cars at his business “Boston Car Cleaning”, to raise funds for me and Camp Trillium!  I though it was wonderful that the ripple effect was happening and asked if I could help him out!  So, if you saw the , you saw the story about Josh and what he’s doing this Saturday!  We all have a gift that God has given us and we need to use it and use it to the best of our ability, and if we can use it to help others, all the better!!  Way to go JOSH!!

Well, good night all, I really need to get some rest!  Shout out to all those who came out to the volunteer session in Port Dover tonight!  Thanks so much!